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August 10, 2022

When in Paris

Sometimes you stumble upon a place that you never forget…

Meeting clients yesterday they were so excited to tell me that they had arranged a dinner in a beautiful restaurant in Paris as part of their trip coming soon.

They had been to the restaurant many years ago and always remembered the warm, friendly service, the food and just feeling so comfortable and cared for. They ended up eating there 3 nights on the row!

A few years later, their grandchildren had returned late one night from a ski trip to Paris and were famished! No restaurant was open and they needed food. By chance, they also stumbled upon the very same restaurant where the owners welcomed them wholeheartedly and made them a delicious dinner.

In just two weeks time, the whole family are meeting in Paris as part of their individual tours and guess which was the first place they booked into 😉

Such special memories and to share the experience is truly wonderful for all of them.

It is amazing that travel is back and memories made or recreated!

And that is the most special part of doing our job that we love

Paris restaurant noted for anyone who would like experience this too @marco_polo_paris

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