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Nice to meet you, I’m Lauren

My passion for travel began on my first family holiday overseas to France aged 10. I just loved the adventure and the unknown, experiencing a new culture and all the sights and sounds that encompassed it!

The memories of the oysters, my parents’ cognac tasting, the delicious crepes, the freshly squeezed juices every morning combined with trying to speak French and getting mixed up very often, along with the sunsets on the beach and the late nights staying up enjoying simple and easy family time.

After watching the resort staff working away but loving what they did, I decided there and then that I wanted to work in the travel and tourism industry. As soon as I turned 18, I hopped on a plane to Portugal where I began my career working on the Algarve in a fabulous holiday resort and it went from there!

Over the years, I have lived in three countries and was fortunate to continue my career in the travel industry.

I worked as an airline cabin crew member, hosted and planned overseas tour operator visits, managed a specialist group wholesaler, and finally settled in Australia to raise my family and work in my agency. Here my feet are firmly on the ground operating The Departure Lounge Travel and Cruise.

I continue to travel as often as possible and love taking my children to experience new countries, allowing them to see as much of the world as they possibly can.


A Few of My Favorite EXPERIENCES

get to know me


French Family Fun


Cruising the Gulf of Mexico


Breakfast and Bikes in New York City


Italy, Rome and the Rolling Hills of Tuscany


Hawaii Drive

My first overseas trip as a child was to France by ferry from the UK.

Cruise is one of my favourite ways to travel and I have been very fortunate to have cruised numerous times in my life.

New York is truly such an amazing city and if you haven’t yet been, you need to add this to the bucket list!

Such beautiful cities and the food and wine again, of course is amazing!

Hawaii is a beautiful, magical place and I fell in love the moment we arrived.

We plan and make happen what you have dreamed about!

Tell us exactly how you envision your perfect trip…what do you want to see, what do you want to feel (adventurous, relaxed, reconnecting with family and loved ones), this is where we really get to know and understand you.

Also, tell us what you don’t want, the more we know the better and we can plan your perfect trip!



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